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The world is facing some grand challenges.

And it’s not just hunger in Africa, or getting a grip on oil consumption. The “grand” challenges threaten to wipe us out – as a species. Challenges such as finding clean sources of abundant energy, eradicating poverty, providing limitless and cheap healthcare to billions, the list goes on…

The journey to finding solutions to these challenges has, until recently, been confined to large companies with the resources to build technology and do research that the average person isn’t capable of pulling off. As technology becomes more pervasive, however, the ability for the crowd to reach and implement solutions has surpassed that of large corporations.

What is a Think Tank?

Think Tank NYC is a group of experts and entrepreneurs focused on using exponential technologies and innovative solutions to solve some of these grand challenges. From researchers to founders to authors and everything in between, the backgrounds of each member are unique. So everyone brings a different perspective and set of skills to the table – and trust us when we say – it’s a large table.

Think Tank NYC is one of many Think Tanks around the world, all under the leadership of the XPRIZE Foundation. XPRIZE is the host of countless innovation-focused competitions aimed at pushing humanity forward through technology and innovative thinking. By assembling teams around a central goal and providing a monetary prize for the winning team, many groundbreaking solutions are made, often with a net economic result greater than the prize money itself.

Think Tank NYC, and the larger Think Tank community, are the hubs for local ambassadors of the XPRIZE. It’s a place for potential founders, authors, researchers, engineers, and those with a desire to dream big to meet, collaborate, and take action.

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About KISS Ventures

KISS Ventures is a hypergrowth-focused innovation ecosystem focused on the intersection of exponential technology and global challenges. Its primary focuses are on presenting large-scale projects in organized and actionable company milestones, opening those milestones up to the crowd, and supporting companies that are borne out of the resulting collaborations.

The company is based out of New York City and holds regular meetups, private networking events, and Think Tanks to source passionate entreprenuers, researchers, and others who want to get involved in one of the KISS Ventures companies.

You can learn more about KISS Ventures on their main website.